Blackout Curtain Panels

커튼봉설치 Blackout curtain panels offer both style and function to darken rooms and block out light, sun and uv rays. These drapes can help you sleep better and also save energy bills.


A Wayfair favorite, this set of two panels boasts a luxe feel and comes in 17 colors and four sizes. They hang via rod pocket or back tabs and include a polyester blackout lining.

Blocks Light

Blackout curtains block light and other incoming light to create a pitch-black room that can help you fall asleep and stay asleep for a better night’s rest. They also keep heat in during the winter and out during the summer, which can cut your energy costs.

They look like standard curtains, with the exception of their special lining, which gives them their light-blocking properties. Many of the best blackout curtain sets also offer other features, such as thermal insulation and noise reduction, that can help you achieve even more relaxing sleep.

The amount of light blocked by your curtains depends on the fabric, thickness and any other special lining or feature they may have. For example, thicker liners or fabrics such as velvet tend to be more effective at blocking light than lighter, cotton styles. In addition, if your curtains are hung too close to the window frame or have gaps where the header meets the rod, they can let in some light.

For a kid’s room or nursery, you 커튼봉설치 can’t get much cuter than WallvyStore’s Forest Window Curtain panels, which are patterned with trees, foxes and other adorable wildlife. The fabric is soft and durable, and it comes in multiple colors with three different header types and a range of sizes. And with 90 percent opacity, they’ll work perfectly to keep the sun out and the little ones asleep.

Blocks Heat

Blackout curtains add an extra layer of insulation to your windows, preventing heat and other incoming light from escaping your home. This helps to lower your energy costs, and ensures a comfortable room temperature for optimal sleep comfort year-round.

Many blackout curtain sets also feature a white window-facing liner that helps to reflect the sun’s rays and further enhance their darkening abilities. Typically, these liners are available in a range of colors and sizes to match your existing decor, though it’s important to note that they do not block all light from entering a room.

While most Blackout curtains are available in neutral hues, bolder colors can work to add drama and interest to a space, like this gunmetal gray set from Laurel Foundry. It’s a top pick of Kokenes, who explains that the curtains are designed with an intricate pattern that creates a subtle texture that complements any space. The panels are hung via rod pocket or back tabs and can be hung on either side of the window, depending on your preference.

Another elegant option is this linen-blend set from Pottery Barn. It’s a top choice of Kokenes, who explains the thick fabric has a soft texture that dresses up windows while offering darkening capabilities, noise reduction and thermal insulation. The curtains hang with a rod pocket or grommets (wide metallic holes that hold curtain rods), and are ideally installed to extend beyond the frame of your window.

Blocks Noise

If you live near a busy road, work from home, or share a room with someone who’s on different schedules, the sounds of traffic, voices, or music might prevent you from getting an optimal night’s rest. Blackout curtains help block out the noise to make for a peaceful, quiet environment.

Often, the fabric used to create blackout curtains also absorbs and deflects sound. You can also find blackout curtain sets that add an extra layer of sound-defencing material to the set, which reduces the level and intensity of incoming sounds.

The best soundproof curtains are made from heavier fabrics than regular blackout curtains, which can be a good thing. However, you want to be careful that the curtains aren’t too heavy because they could weigh down your rod and cause it to break or rip out of the wall.

You can use a drapery weight calculator to determine how heavy or light your curtains should be based on their size, type of fabric, and other features. In addition, you may be able to reduce some of the sound through your windows by filling your room with plush materials such as area rugs, and adding other sound-absorbing components like wood floors or acoustic panels.

Adds Style

Blackout curtains aren’t just functional, they add a polished look to any room. They’re available in a range of colors, styles and fabric textures to complement any bedroom, nursery or living space. The lining in these window treatments traps heat in winter and keeps the summer sun at bay, helping to lower utility bills and carbon emissions.

When layered with a set of sheers, they also serve as decorative accents for windows. Airy gauze drapes above opaque curtains create a look that’s regal and refined, especially when the fabrics match up based on color, pattern and aesthetic.

Kokenes recommends these silky-feeling woven polyester blackout curtains from Pottery Barn, which are available in several sizes and can be hung via rod pocket, back tabs or ring top. They’re rated at up to 90 percent light blocking capability, so they block out a lot of sunlight while still allowing natural light to filter in. These curtain panels are also easy to care for, making them a great choice for busy families.

If you’re shopping for blackout curtains for a child’s room or nursery, consider WallvyStore’s forest print. These double-lined drapes offer up to 90 percent opacity and feature cute forest imagery like trees, foxes and birds that’ll add a pop of visual interest to your space. These drapes are made with 100 percent non-vinyl materials and can be easily washed on a cold cycle to keep them looking crisp and new.