Counter-Intelligence Espionage – Double Agents

Double agents are masters of deception, appearing like loyal comrades while secretly working against them. They’re especially useful in counterintelligence espionage, where their ambiguous loyalty makes it hard for their adversary to tell the difference between them and moles.


Double Agents can gain access to Dead Drop Caches that contain unique weapons such as Epic Weapon Blueprints and the one-shot, one-kill R1 Shadowhunter cros 흥신소 sbow. They also have a unique Scorestreak that rewards them with Trophy Systems, Stimshots, and Hand Cannons.


Double agents are masters of deception and disguise, appearing to be loyal comrades while secretly plotting against them. They’re a staple of spy movies and games, from Third Echelon Splinter Cell agent Archer to VORON operative Kestrel. Even Liquid Snake had a double agent, as the rogue operative was possessed by a double agent who helped him carry out anti-Patriots missions for Big Boss in MGS4.

Each round of Double Agent pits up to 10 players against each other in an intense game of deception and deduction. Each player is secretly assigned a role, either Investigator, Operative or Double Agent. The Investigator uncovers clues to track down the Double Agents while the Operative assists them in eliminating them. The first to eliminate the Double Agents or detonate two bomb sites wins.

Players can use clues from radio messages scattered around the map, decode them to reveal th 흥신소 e location of a Double Agent and follow the trail to find them. They can also interact with panels to learn more about the Double Agents, such as their names, motivations and aliases. The Investigator can also use an Autopsy Report to see more information about a dead player, including their weapon of choice and whether they were an Operative or Double Agent, as well as their footsteps.


Double agents can be tracked by decoding the messages provided by radios around the map. These clues ping an area on the player’s minimap and in the world, providing the Double Agent’s general location to Operatives and the Investigator. Wise Double Agents may attempt to confuse their opposition by sticking close to other players, or even deflect suspicions via voice chat.

In the case of mole double agents, their parent agency will give them real, though unclassified, information to pass on to their target, in order to deceive the betrayed agency and throw it off an investigative track. This is often done to make the double agent seem more trustworthy by appearing less suspicious, or as a form of coercion or blackmail.

Because of the precarious position they find themselves in, it is important for Double Agents to convince their handlers that they are truly loyal. This is why it is important that their reasons for going against one side or another are sound and believable. They must also avoid making too many mistakes, otherwise they will be exposed as a mercenary.


Double agents can also access a special weapon cache that drops powerful weapons like Epic and Legendary Weapon Blueprints as well as the one-shot, one-kill R1 Shadowhunter crossbow. This special cache can appear in containers around the map and also as air drops, allowing double agents to surprise other players with their weaponry.

A double agent is a person who works for two intelligence agencies at the same time. For example, a mole may work for the FBI and also serve as a spy for the Soviet Union. This type of mole is sometimes called a “deep cover” or “sleeper” mole because it enters the service and slowly climbs through the ranks, often without raising suspicion.

A double agent can also be someone who serves two different causes at the same time, for example, a politician who works on behalf of his own country and also as a lobbyist for another country. This can be dangerous because the politician is potentially compromising his own integrity. However, this can also be a useful tool in bringing attention to important issues and achieving political goals.

Defusing Bombs

Double agents are masters of betrayal and deception, appearing as loyal comrades while secretly plotting against those they work for. They’re naturally clandestine and enjoy secrecy for its own sake, so they can quickly become disillusioned with the current organization they’re working for.

Defusing bombs requires thick layers of Kevlar and foam to prevent serious bodily injury. The protective gear is also heavy and hot to the point of heat stress, and impairs movement. Consequently, it’s rare for two individuals to approach a device for defusing.

Generally, one person plants while the other holds angles to protect them from being killed in the four seconds that they’re vulnerable when approaching a bomb site to plant it. However, it’s sometimes more efficient to plant in the open since it limits the angles that the enemy team can use to defuse the spike. This is a common strategy when the team wants to ensure that they’ll be awarded an ultimate charge. The team that disarms the bomb will win the round. Hence, communication between players is crucial.

Eliminating Double Agents

Double agents can be difficult to eliminate. Since they work for two services and potentially share information with both, they can be a challenge to control. Their heightened need for a reciprocal and affective relationship with their original handlers also complicates this task, as does the fact that they are operating against experienced intelligence officers who know to look for indicators of disloyalty.

Unlike Operatives, Double Agents can communicate with each other in the Double Agent Channel and use their spy icon to mark themselves as such. However, even eliminated players can hear this communication, so it is important that Double Agents remain vigilant and keep their roles secret.

Double Agents can also unlock Dead Drop Caches, powerful containers that contain equipment like the Epic R1 Shadowhunter Crossbow or the Legendary Weapon Blueprint. To prevent Double Agents from accessing these items, Operatives should either destroy them or avoid lingering too close to them. Additionally, Double Agents can gain Scorestreaks through air drops like Trophy Systems and Stimshots. However, these are only available if the player earned enough Score to unlock them.